Download Capcut For PC Windows OS v2.5.3 2023 Fully Unlocked

Are you a professional or amateur video editor looking to download a video editing app with a wide range of tools Capcut for PC is the best solution for you. You can download it from the below link and transform your ordinary video into an extraordinary one.

Capcut for PC

With the advanced and professional-grade tools and features of this desktop video editing software, you can edit, crop, split, merge, enhance, and export videos in different formats and HD quality.

Now with the help of this amazing app available for both PC and mobile devices, you can engage viewers and enhance your online presence effectively. In this article, we will be sharing a download link to install the application on your desktop.

We have shared guidelines from its installation to its features and tools. This software not only supports Windows and Mobile devices but also supports the MAC operating system. If you want to download Capcut Mod Apk for Android I have got your back.

Specifications of CapCut PC Version Fully Unlocked

NameCapCut for PC/Windows/Laptop/MAC
CategoryVideo Editor and Player
File Size650 MB Approx.
Downloads96.3k Plus
Ratings4.8 PC version
Operating System RequirementsWindows 7/8/8.1/10/11
CPUMinimum dual-core and above
GPUBasic GPU NVIDIA GeForce/AMD Radeon and integrated GPU might also work fine.
Storage and RAM2 GB free storage and 2 RAM
Version2.5.3 Latest version for PC
License TypeFree
AuthorBytedance Pte. Ltd.

Introducing Capcut For PC APP 2023

Capcut for PC was initially released for desktops in the Chinese market in 2021 and has a user-friendly editing interface with an online library of thousands of assets and cloud storage space to store your videos and stuff.

Trusted By:
Capcut for PC helps to create promotion clips, advertisement clips, social media videos, reels, and slideshows. It is trusted by platforms like TikTok which are the makers of Capcut, and the Nvidia studio that has integrated their technology in Capcut. And by a video game called Mobile Legends. You can use transformation templates from Cacpcut that will make your avatar look like the characters of this video game.

Most of the other apps have more premium content than Capcut for PC software which makes it ideal to create unique digital content at home or professionally.

The software offers you a wide range of filters, transition effects, speed control of your videos, background, and animation effects using the chroma key feature.

Downlaod Capcut For PC Desktop Version

As it is associated with TikTok and a few other platforms gives the plus point of having up-to-date fresh new features, templates, text, stickers, and a lot of other stuff needed for the best awe-inspiring editing.

This Chinese app has won the hearts of millions of users by providing amazing features and editing tools.

Capcut For Windows OS Online Version

Seeing the popularity and user reviews of Capcut for Windows and Android Capcut developers released its online version for Windows and MAC operating systems in 2022 with add-on features to support team collaborations.

Since 2021 its developer called Bytedance which is formally known as the maker of the U.S. most famous and trending app TikTok as we have mentioned before.

The developers have released lots of updates and versions including an online app to fix bugs and add the new and latest features and editing tools to unleash your editing skills.

Capcut online version

Benefits of Capcut For PC Software

There are a few benefits of the Capcut desktop and online version that are listed below.

PC VS Mobile

  • First of all, it has a widescreen as compared to mobile devices that enhance your overall visual experience.
  • You can edit your projects without the limitation of battery consumption.
  • High system specs allow you to have smooth editing and interaction as compared to mobile devices. In simple words, you can enjoy improved performance.
  • More efficient control is the best benefit you can get from the Pc version as you have a keyboard and mouse that makes the workflow smooth.
  • PC has faster and more storage capacity as compared to mobile.
  • You can have a faster rendering and output process.

Other Benefits

  1. You have access to the latest and trendy filters and templates.
  2. The online library contains thousands of assets for free.
  3. It offers its own cloud storage to save your projects and assets for later use.
  4. You can choose dark mode as well.
  5. It is an advanced AI-based tool that saves a lot of manual editing effort and time.
  6. It is available for multiple platforms which makes it ideal to use.
  7. It has outstripped many other software by providing many premium features for free.

Minimum System Requirements

Here we are providing you with minimum system requirements for PC installation. With the higher specs, you can expect to achieve better quality in terms of user experience and output.

SpecificationsMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7/8/10/11 version
Mac OS X 10.11
Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.11
Graphics CardNVIDIA GT 630/650m, AMD Radeon HD6570NVIDIA GTX 660/Radeon R9 270 or higher
Resolution 1280×8001920×1080 or higher
RAM4 GB8 GB RAM for HD media; 16 GB RAM for 4K media or higher resolution
StorageHard drive 10 GBSSD
ProcessorIntel Core i3 8th Gen, AMD Ryzen 3000, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cAMD or Dual Core CPU from Intel
Architecturex64 or ARM64x64 or ARM64

Download & Install Capcut For PC Third Party Directly For Free

Capcut for PC App provides you with a smoother and lag-free wide-screen editing experience as compared to mobile devices because it has higher specifications and capability than mobile devices as we have mentioned above.

It’s available for both Windows & MAC operating systems.

  1. To download it directly on your PC click on the above download link.
  2. The link will redirect you to the main downloading page. Click on the download button to download the file on your PC.
  3. Once the file has been downloaded go to the download folder.

Installation Guide:

  • Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  • A new installation window will appear on your screen. Follow the instructions to download it on your PC.
  • Create a shortcut on the desktop once the installation has been finished.

Sign Up To Link Your Account With Capcut

After installation launch the app. Before using the software it is important to sign up for a better user experience.

  • Click on the signup option.
  • From the new pop-up window choose any social media account or Gmail option to create your account with Capcut for PC cloud storage.
  • After logging in you are now able to store your unfinished or finished projects online. You can store your videos, music, and pictures to use later.

Download Capcut For PC From Microsoft online App Store Windows 10/11

This method is only available for Windows 10 or higher. Because the previous versions of Windows did not support or have the Microsoft store. To download the software from the Windows app store you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Search & open the Microsoft app store from your PC. Launch the App.
  • First of all, create an account in the Microsoft Store by using your email account like Gmail or Yahoo, phone number, or Skype.
  • Once you have created the account and logged in you have now access to all apps and can download them on your system.
  • Go to the search bar of the store and search for the Capcut app.
  • From the search results click on the get app or install app option located right in from of the app’s icon.
  • After the installation do not forget to sign up.

Download Capcut For Windows Indirectly For Free

Despite the direct method to install the Capcut for Windows from our download link and Microsoft Store some users prefer to use the Windows emulators to install the software.

If you have an older version of Windows you can use these emulators to install the APK version of the software on your desktop. However, if you are using Windows of any type we recommend using the direct method to install the App. You can use the download link above.

Types of Emulators

There are different types of emulators that can be used to install the APK version on the desktop. All have the same download and installation method as we have discussed below.

List of Emulators: Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, Dolphin, MEmu, RetroArch, and a lot more. All of the emulators work the same You can download Capcut for Windows using emulators by following these tips.

capcut for PC download indirectly
  • Click on the link of any emulator to download it on your PC.
  • After downloading locate the file and install it on your system.
  • Once the installation has been completed launch the app.
  • Locate the signUp option on the app and create an account.
  • Now just like any other Play Store app go to its search bar and search for Capcut App.
  • From the search results install the app that will be now useable inside the emulator.
  • Every time you need to run the app launch the emulator first then from the icon look for Capcut and launch to use it.

Features of Capcut Desktop Version

There are a lot of benefits and additional features of the Capcut for PC App as compared to the APK version. I have told you about the benefits in the above paragraph now it’s time to discover the powerful features of Capcut video editing software that is designed to enhance video quality and user experience.

Now you can use these top-notch features to edit like a pro. There are a lot of crazy features to create unique and stunning videos. You can add filters, stickers, text with animations, transition effects, edit, cut, crop, blur, and speed down or speed up your videos.

Main Menu Features

Capcut for PC software has lots of other features along with the latest AI-based editing tools and features. Let’s have a look at its main menu features first. These features are like the backbone of video editing:

Capcut For PC latest V
  • Media
  • Stock Videos
  • Photos
  • Text
  • Stickers
  • Captions
  • Audio
  • Filters
  • Transitions
  • Effects

1. Media

Media is used for uploading your stuff like videos, photos, music, and sounds. You can sign in with your Google Drive or Dropbox account and use it to upload files or media from there.

2. Stock Video

This feature allows you to use free sample videos of short length in your projects. You can select from all sorts of videos. There are thousands of videos available in its online library.

3. Photos

Just like the stock videos you can select all sorts of HD-quality photos to use in your projects.

4. Text & Stickers

You can choose from a wide range of text and stickers and even animate them. There are a lot of text font styles and colors along with 3D text and stickers of all kinds.

5. Audio

This audio feature allows you to search and add music and sound effects to your videos. All you have to do is just search for any music or sound effects and it will be provided from its online library.

6. Filters

If you want to change the color of your pictures or videos you can use these filters. There are more than 1,000 filters of different color schemes available for free. You can adjust the transparency of these filters as well.

7. Transition

These transition effects come in handy when you have done editing your video like cutting, splitting, and merging. You can add these transitions between the cut part of your video or to match two different videos and more.

8. Effects

If you want to add special effects to your photos or videos you can use this feature. These features allow you to add different effects like shaking, blurring, lightning, glowing, flashing, and a lot more other effects to choose from.

9. Captions

Capcut Pc AI-based system allows you to create automatic captions and song lyrics by recognizing video speech. This way you can save a lot of time but if you want to add it manually you can also do it in Capcut.

Editing Tools & Features

These features are a very important part of the software. They act like the heart of it as you can utilize these features to create masterpieces with amazing color grading, green screen technique, and video speed controls at your fingertips.

Here is the list of these features:

1. User-Friendly Interface

Capcut PC has a very smart, eye-pleasing, and user-friendly interface. This kind of interface makes editing effortless even for beginners. You can easily access all the options available.

Capcut has over-striped the other alternative apps in many terms and one of them is its interface with a diverse range of tools and an amazing set of overall features.

2. Video Edits

Once you have uploaded your video on the timeline you can do a lot of editing stuff to make your video more watchable. You can remove unwanted parts by cropping or cutting your video.

If you want to divide your video or merge two different videos you can do it using the Capcut Edit feature.

3. Green Screen Effect

If you have a video and want to change its background it can be difficult because it is continuously moving but with the help of the green screen effect, you can change the background of your videos effectively and replace them with desired ones.

This feature works by removing the color of your background making it empty to add another color or background. You may have seen behind-the-scenes movie making where they use green cloth to change backgrounds or add special effects.

4. Background Removal

If you want to remove the background of your photo and replace it with another background you can do it by using its artificial intelligence background remover. It can be done manually if you prefer to do it manually.

5. Background Noise Reduction

With its advanced noise reduction feature you can now easily enhance the audio quality as well. Audio is an important factor in any video that enhances the experience of viewers.

6. Color Grading

Capcut allows you to use color grading scales where you can adjust the colors of your videos by changing or adjusting color grades until you find the desired results.

7. Speed Curves

We all like movies and slow-motion scenes always give us goosebumps. You can create scenes like these by utilizing speed curves. Speed up or slow down your videos to create an amazing and thrilling visual experience.

8. Keyframe

This amazing feature of the Capcut for PC App is to add all types of animations that require frame-to-frame capturing. You can set the direction and initial to ending points of the animation.

9. Export In HD Quality

Capcut offers you 4K resolution output with 60fps in different formats supported by different types of social and streaming platforms.

10. Sharing

Capcut allows you to share your videos and photos directly on social media platforms. So now you can create HD content and directly share it on many platforms easily.

You can not only enhance the video quality in Capcut but can increase your online presence as well.

Capcut For Windows

More Features of Capcut Desktop Version

Capcut is a versatile app that is being used widely by digital content creators. It is recognized by millions of TikTok users as it is associated with the app as we have discussed before.

We have written many features of Capcut but that is not all there are hundreds of options linked with each other to create a lot of special effects, animation, and movie stuff that will not only enhance your video quality but also increase your fan and following.

For content creators like you let me enlist a few more features or you can say benefits that come with the software itself.

  • No Ads
  • No Watermark
  • The brilliant design makes it easy to use
  • Social Sharing
  • Online Library of thousands of stock assets
  • Trendy & New Stuff

Best Alternative Apps

If you are looking for a replacement for Capcut explore these apps.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is a video editing app with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can do fast editing along with lots of filters and special effects to enhance video quality. With its built-in amazing features and free media stock, you have access to all the assets you need for good video editing on a desktop.

You can add different types of music and sound effects and export them in 4k resolution. Filmora is also an AI-based tool with automatic background remover and noise reduction features.

KineMaster Video Editor

Kinemaster is a Korean video editing App for both Android and PC. You can edit, cut, trim, record, and export videos in 4K. Though it has a little bit of a complex interface with little knowledge you can create amazing videos.

You can add all sorts of filters and effects along with music and sound effects of your own liking. Capcut is also an up-to-date app that brings you a lot of trendy stuff for editing.

You can add different types of emojis and stickers to enhance video quality and can add additional animation and transition effects for free.

ShotCut Video Editor

It is free of cost app that provides all the amazing features needed for good video editing. It has a multiple-panel user interface and supports a wide range of audio and video formats.

It also supports multiple resolutions and frame rates. You can create movie clips, vlogs, and commercial clips as well. Overall you can edit your videos with music, filters, and advanced editing features like BG remover and animations.


Capcut is a famous and demanded video editing app developed by ByteDance. We have provided a download link for the Capcut for PC version for you along with alternative methods to download it on your device.

The Capcut desktop version has its own amazing features and advanced editing tools that we have discussed in this article. Download this app from our link and start video editing including tools for cutting, trimming, merging, and adding special effects.

We have also provided guidelines on how to install it and discussed its features for you so you can review it before using it.

Additionally, we have given information on a few alternative video editing apps that can have different features and interfaces and you can experience different editing experiences.


Yes, Capcut is a multiplatform video editing App that is also available on Windows and MAC OS.

Capcut developers have assured you that this software is safe and only collects basic information about your device.

Yes, Capcut has also launched its web version where you can access the app through your internet browser and can edit your videos online.

Capcut requires around 10GB space for installation and will be needing extra space while using it.

You can download and install the Capcut PC from the above link in the article. Or if you have Windows 10 or above you can download and install it from Microsoft Playstore on your device.

Capcut PC or mobile app is specially designed for professional and home editing and supports all types of social media platforms including youtube with a variety of formats and can be exported in HD quality and 4K resolution.

Capcut is a Chinese app developed by ButeDance the same company behind the US most wanted app called Tiktok.

Low storage capacity or low system RAM or CPU can cause it to crash.