Download Links AI Manga Filter TikTok Effect-Capcut 2023

Are you ready to transform your selfies with Capcut filters? We have shared AI manga filter TikTok effect download links for you.

By using these templates you can bring your photos to life with fun.

Among many viral and trendy templates, the AI Manga Filter TikTok Effect is one of the most searched templates by social media enthusiasts. Each day there is something different by Capcut and each template has its filters and special effects.

AI Manga Filter TikTok Effect

Manga refers to a style of animated comic book in Japan. A lot of people like this type of animation in Japan and worldwide. It has become a viral trend to use AI Manga Filter on TikTok especially.

Due to its ability to quickly transform your pictures into Animated characters it has spread on the internet very quickly. Here we have shared some links to Ai manga templates to download in Capcut that will enhance your engagement and followers.

What Is AI Manga Filter TikTok Effect?

AI Manga Filter TikTok Effect is a Japanese Animation effect that transforms your images into a manga character. Its AI algorithm detects your images and completely transforms them into something else.

It completely changes your facial features, adds vibrant colors, and gives a hand-drawn appearance or you can say cartoonish. This template has special effects and music that enhance the visual appearance of your images and give a professional look

But this template can only be used in the Capcut app. So download Capcut Mod Apk now to use these links below and also enjoy free unlocked premium features.

List Of AI Manga Filter TikTok Effect 2023

Convert your ordinary videos into special loveable videos using the links below.

Why Use AI Manga Capcut Template?


These filters are on top trend worldwide in 2023 with their unique animated character transformations and cool looks. These special effects create a sense of fun and joy.

Cultural Appreciation

It allows you to cherish and appreciate Japanese culture. Introducing you to a new art style and manga animation culture.

Social Engagement

It increases your engagement online, especially with the community that like these types of filters and animations. You can share these videos on any social media platform.

AI Detection tool

These Manga templates use an AI algorithm as we have discussed before to transform your images into manga characters. So you do not have to lot of manual editing.

How To Use Capcut Template?

AI Manga Filter TikTok Effects are very easy to use. We have given some links above to download. Here are a few Tips on how to download and use them on Capcut.

Before using these links make sure to use the latest Capcut App. If you do not have the latest version look for it on Google Play Store and update to its latest version.

  • Now go to the links of the given templates above.
  • Click one of the links to go to the official page.
  • From the official link click on use this link to open or download the template in Capcut.
  • Now Add your images to the timeline from your gallery.
  • Preview the video to see the effect. Export any quality to save the video in your gallery.

Most of the templates have default settings and you cannot edit much. But these templates are good and you can use them without hesitation. Here I am giving you some tips on how to use these templates effectively for desired results.

Tips To Use AI Manga Filter TikTok Effect

Here I am giving you some tips on how to use these templates effectively for desired results.

Download Ai Manga Capcut Filter Effect
  1. Use good-quality videos or images to gain good results.
  2. Always use good lighting while shooting your videos or capturing images.
  3. Always experiment with allowed options in any template to utilize the features effectively.
  4. Always set a time duration before exporting the final project. It’s up to you to make it long or short.


There are a lot of Capcut templates and if you are a fan of animation and want to transform your pictures into manga characters we have shared AI Manga Filter TikTok Effect for you.

All you have to do is just open the template from the above links and edit with your images or videos and after applying the manga effect, you can export it to share on Tik Tok or any other social media platform.

Do not try to overpower your effects and make your content more trendy and visually appealing by using these Manga Capcut templates.


There are many Ai filters like the Bold glamour filter and Ai Manga Template is one of them. These filters automatically detect your facials and change them into mang characters.

AI manga filter is a top trending template. You can use the above links to go to the official page from where you can choose to open it on TikTok or Capcut.

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