Essential Tips & Tricks To Add Reveal Text As You Walk in CapCut

For professional video editors who want to create videos for entertainment or commercial purposes? We are sharing tips to add reveal text as you walk in Capcut.

You are at the right place this article will provide you complete tutorial on how to add reveal text as you walk in CapCut.

Add Reveal Text As You Walk in CapCut

There are a lot of animations and transitions to move text as you walk in any video. By doing so you can enhance the visual appeal of your video making it interesting for your audience and leaving a long-lasting impression.

Create your video using our tutorial and impress your boss or friends by following these simple instructions step by step.

Why Reveal Text As You Walk In Video?

There could be several reasons behind it. Here are a few reasons to do it:

Visual Interest: This technique can be used to create visual interest for the targeted audience.

Good Presentation: It can create an impressive overall presentation of what you want to show through your video.

Reveal Info: Text revealed in a style can put a good emphasis on the message you want to convey in style.

Branding: It is very useful if you are a professional video editor. You can create such videos for professional brand advertisements in a creative way.

6 Best Tips To Add Reveal Text As You Walk In Capcut

Here are a few tips to remember when editing the video in Capcut.

Tips To Add Reveal Text As You Walk in CapCut

1. Use Simple Fonts

Always use simple fonts to add text as you walk in Capcut. Using simple fonts makes it easier for the audience to read it.

2. Keep It Short

Keep the text short and sweet according to the runtime of the video.

3. Time Duration

Adjust the time and duration of your text to be revealed. It must be synced with the walking motion of the person in the video.

4. Stable Video

Make sure to use a walking video that is stable and not shaky for better results.

5. Clear Background

The background of your video must be clear and bold and the text color must be in contrast for good visuals, better animation, and transition effects.

6. Experimenting

Use different animation and transition styles to create a smooth and natural effect. Make sure to align your text perfectly.

How To Add Reveal Text As You Walk In Capcut?

To add reveal text as you walk in Capcut. First launch the app on your device and follow these steps.

1. Export Text Video

  1. Create a new project and from the photos select a picture with a black background.
  2. Adjust the time limit of the selected pic on the timeline to 10 seconds by dragging it with your fingers.
  3. Select the timeline and click on add text to add your desired text. Drag this text file and match it with the black picture’s runtime which was 10 seconds.
  4. After that export the video and save it to your gallery.
  1. Tap on the create new project option again and import the video in which someone is walking and you want to reveal the text behind it.
  2. Now select the video and tap on overlay and add an overlay of the previous video of text you had exported from your gallery.
  3. Keep the text video selected and tap on the blend option and select the lighten option from there. Here you can expand the text to make it bigger.

3. Animation

  1. In the next step tap on the keyframe button above the timeline and bring the text in front of a walking person by dragging it on the screen.
  2. Go to the end of the timeline and drag the text to its opposite direction until it disappears.
  3. Now make a copy of the main video and put it under the text video at number third. Keep it selected and from the bottom menu select crop.

4. Cropping Frame Sync

Crop the frame to half and align it to the main video. And make a copy of the main video again tap on overlay and drag it under the last (3rd) video.

5. Remove Background

In the next step tap on the 3rd video under text video and click cutout and tap on remove background.

This is how to Add Reveal Text As You Walk in CapCut. Enjoy!


We hope our tutorial on How to Add Reveal Text As You Walk in CapCut will provide you with the right information you need. Whether you are a professional advertiser and video editor or want to create a video for fun.

You will find all in this article giving you instructions and the importance of adding revealing text in your videos. You can also create such videos for brands that will enhance the importance of your brand in a creative, presentable, and unique way.

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